Paris Hilton says it's 'hard' for her to be normal in new documentary

Paris H
ilton says it's 'hard' for her to be normal in new documentary

as indicated by Paris Hilton, she's been playing Paris Hilton these years.

One of the first celebs to get celebrated for being well known, Hilton is sharing her story in another narrative named "This Is Paris."

In the trailer, she discusses being Paris Hilton and says that while she feels like "the entire world thinks they know me," she doesn't feel like she knows herself once in a while.

"I'm so used to like playing a character that it's difficult for me to be typical," Hilton says in the trailer.

She additionally alludes to unexplained youth injury and gets entirely enthusiastic.

"Something occurred in my youth that I've never discussed with anybody," Hilton can be heard saying.

Her sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, additionally shows up in the trailer and says, "I simply heard causing a scene."

Paris Hilton says she was unable to reveal to her family on the grounds that "each time I attempted, I would get rebuffed by them."

"I despite everything have bad dreams about it. The main thing that spared my mental stability was

pondering who I needed to become when I left," she said. "I just made this brand and this persona and
this character and I've been left with her from that point forward."

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