A 14,000-year-old little dog, whose totally saved body was found in Russia, crunched on a wooly rhino for its last supper

A 14,000-year-old little dog, whose totally saved body was found in Russia, crunched on a wooly rhino for its last supper

Researchers examining the body of an entirely protected Ice Age doggy have made a sudden revelation - a bit of what could be one of the last wooly rhinos inside its stomach.

Russian scientists originally exhumed the saved, hairy body of the canine - which could be a canine or a wolf - from a site in Tumut, Siberia, in 2011.

Inside the 14,000-year-old little dog's stomach was a bushy bit of tissue. From the outset, researchers expected the piece had a place with a cavern lion, on account of its fine yellow hide. Be that as it may, tests by specialists at Stockholm's Natural History Museum recounted to an alternate story.

"At the point when they got the DNA back, it didn't appear as though a cavern lion," Love Dalen, an educator of transformative hereditary qualities at the Center for Palaeogenetics, a joint endeavor between Stockholm University and the Swedish Museum of Natural History, told

"We have a reference database and mitochondrial DNA from all warm-blooded creatures, so we checked the arrangement information against that and the outcomes that returned - it was a practically ideal counterpart for wooly rhinoceros," Dalen said.

"It's totally unfathomable. I'm not mindful of any solidified Ice Age flesh-eater where they have discovered bits of tissue inside," he said.

After radiocarbon dating the example, specialists established that the rhino skin was around 14,400 years of age.

"This little dog, we know as of now, has been dated to around 14,000 years back. We additionally realize that the wooly rhinoceros goes terminated 14,000 years back. Along these lines, conceivably, this doggy has eaten one of the final wooly rhinos," he said.

Researchers don't have the foggiest idea of how the doggy came to have a bit of rhino in its stomach.

Edana Lord, a Ph.D. understudy at the Center for Palaeogenetics who co-composed a paper contemplating the death of the wooly rhino, disclosed to that the animals would have been generally a similar size as the cutting edge white rhino - making it far-fetched that the little dog slaughtered the mammoth itself.

The specialists additionally thought that it was interested that the doggy kicked the bucket soon after eating the rhino.

"This little dog must have passed on soon after eating the rhino since it's not very processed," Dalen told

"We don't have the foggiest idea whether it was a wolf, however in the event that it was a wolf whelp, perhaps it went over an infant rhino that was dead, or the (grown-up) wolf ate the infant rhino," he hypothesized. "Possibly as they were eating it, the mother rhino had her vengeance."

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